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Criterion Geothermal SystemTM

CEP Geothermal System and DirectConnect diagram.png


Highly Engineered Wells 

Utilizing the decades of innovations in the Oil and Gas industry with regard to drilling and completion technologies, wells will be horizontally drilled and completed with a multi-stage completion.


Modular Power Plants

The GeothermalSystemTM will be constructed in tailored developments of 5-20MW phases and can be scaled to 100+ MW capacity.


Industrial DirectConnectTM

Integration of clean, reliable, always on heat that can be used to preheat boiler systems, for HVAC, steam generation, etc. helping to reduce scope 1 & 2 emissions for large industrial consumers. 


Smart microgrid and marketing

Next generation co-located geothermal power plants taking advantage of behind the meter PPAs for both baseload power and heat. 

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