September 2021

The Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator culminated in a Demo Day on September 16th from 1 - 4 pm CST. The event showcased the 12 start-ups who participated in the inaugural class, including Criterion Energy Partners. We benefited tremendously from the program and hope YOU were able to join us.

August 2021

Co-Founder Sean Marshall had the chance to pitch with six other tech focused start-ups. It was a great opportunity to present our vision and business model to an audience of over 100 participants.

July 2021

Co-Founder Danny Rehg participated in a panel discussion at the Unconventional Resource Technology Conference. The session focused on synergies and know-how that the oilfield can bring in developing the geothermal industry.

June 2021

Accelerator 2.png

We're very excited to have been selected as part of Class 1 for the Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator. Through a robust curriculum, custom mentor relationships and targeted corporate and investor introductions, the 12-week program will prepare us to quickly accelerate our business, launch pilots and fundraise.

May 2021

We partnered with Xrathus and AAPG to create a geothermal lease evaluation challenge. Upon completion of this challenge, we will be able to determine the commercial prospectivity of our lease for geothermal development.

February 2021

Criterion Energy Partners participated in the Rice University Lilie Lab Idea Launch, which provided them with valuable feedback as they worked to grow their team and began to form partnerships.

December 2020

BLM Lease.png

The Co-Founders acquired a lease near an existing hydrothermal field and close to the site of the DOE FORGE project, a dedicated site where engineers are able to develop and test breakthroughs in enhanced geothermal system technologies.

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