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Danny Rehg and Sean Marshall met while earning their Master in Business Administration from the Jones School of Business at Rice University. At that time, both had full time roles in oil and gas. Danny's role focused on international exploration projects with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Sean worked on large capital markets and M,A&D energy transactions within the Investment Bank at Credit Suisse.

Throughout the course of their studies both Sean and Danny discovered their passion for entrepreneurship and stewardship. Together they formed an idea of starting an energy focused search fund and named it Criterion Investment Partners, which was inspired by the Criterion theater restaurant in London. Through the natural course of their business school studies, some smart business research, and the realization that their their gifts and talents were well aligned to build a geothermal company, the two founders made the decision to acquire the company's first geothermal asset. The journey to developing projects and technology for geothermal energy began.



The Criterion Energy Partners management team is focused on building a world class energy company by executing on its strategy. The company has already established a track record of success and plans to continue on its mission to make geothermal commercially viable everywhere through the achievements and milestones indicated in its strategic plan. 

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Geothermal energy is energy that is sustainably sourced by converting heat below the Earth's surface to create power and direct heat. Geothermal is the only scalable renewable baseload energy supply. In addition to high capacity factor, geothermal features both a low carbon footprint and a low surface footprint throughout the lifecycle of the technology. 

Geothermal is complementary to other sources of energy and leverages skillsets, technology and tools of the oil and gas industry. Due to the synergies and similarities with the oil and gas sector, geothermal offers opportunities for engineers, geologists, and other oil and gas professionals that are seeking to enter the energy transition job market. 

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